Testimonials From Pupils and Parents

Kerina has taught our daughter now aged 11 for 18 months and she has made splendid progress on the piano! Kerina is always prompt, patient and kind and encourages very well while supporting where improvements can be made. Our daughter enjoyed the lessons very much. (Mrs T. - parent) ‘I enjoy James' lessons, they are fun and he is a really great teacher.’ (Joshua - Pupil) Kerina has been the most amazing teacher, I really liked the piece 'strange things happening' and the aural tests we did. Thanks Kerina for all that you've done for me! (Libby - pupil)
‘James is an excellent guitar teacher, who is able to motivate my two sons (7 & 10 years) by making the lessons fun and easy to follow.’ (Mark - Parent) Kerina taught piano to my 8 year old daughter and was absolutely fantastic. I could only describe her as being everything you'd look for in a piano teacher: warm, patient, positive and of course an excellent teacher who intuituvely knew how to motivate and enthuse my daughter. She was very responsive to the areas that my daughter found difficult and always found ways to help her overcome the tricky bits without making her feel like she was doing something wrong! What stands out about Kerina is that she is very good with children, making the lessons fun whilst still helping them to make good progress. I would enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Kerina to other parents. (Miriam - parent)
‘James is really good. I find it easy to understand and I get lots of stars.’ (Nyall - Pupil)